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XChange Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application.

Version - 03/11/2012

  1. Fix. Time values for audio files (carts) longer than 60 minutes are now displayed correctly in the user interface.

Version - 12/23/2010

  1. Enhancement. The sample rate of the target .DAF file (PCM and MPEG2) can be controlled by a preference setting. When enabled, you can target converted audio to a sample rate of 32kHz, 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

  2. Enhancement. The XChange installation now includes a PDF manual and a separate HTML help file available as program shortcuts.

Version - 11/23/2007

  1. Fix. Changes have been made to better reflect progress of a file conversion during the last phase of the conversion. When completed, the progress bar now displays “Complete 100%”.

Version - 11/19/2007

  1. Fix. Maestro ACP v3.3.6 exhibits more aggressive behavior when ingesting inbound audio than previous versions of ACP, attempting to convert the file as soon as it appears in the audio folder. This caused errors, as XChange had not yet completed writing the audio file to the folder in some cases and the ACP server would not import the file, complaining that it could not open the file header. XChange now creates a temporary file with an extension .dxa when writing the data to the ACP audio folder. When the file is complete, it is renamed to .dff for ACP to process.

Version - 11/16/2007

  1. Fix. XChange has been updated to meet the file import requirements of Maestro v3.3 and above. The most significant change is that XChange now writes a version 1.3 DAF file header. If you are using an older version of DCS that supports only DAF header version 1.2, you will need to update the software to version 1.6Z1 in order to use this version of XChange.

  2. Change. Handling of setting the AuxMark has been improved to be more precise.

Version - 01/20/2006

  1. Change. The method of saving the header of a multi-cut cart has been revised to ensure that the file size is always correct and that an ACP server will not try to process the file until the multi-cut cart creation process is complete.

  2. Fix. If the input file was monaural and the output file was to be MPEG, the encoder would fail and conversion would not be completed.

    The QDesign MPEG encoder does not support mono bit rates greater than 192kbs.

  3. Fix. Occasionally, PCM output files would play back with a short bit of "noise" or "static" at the very end of the audio file.

Version - 03/04/2005

  1. Fix. The volume control in the Cart Editor was inactive. This has been corrected.

  2. Change. At program start, any leftover temporary files are detected and removed.

Version - 02/18/2005

  1. Enhancement. The ability to select the owner node for the converted audio file has been added to support distributed audio systems. The owner node value is set in Preferences.

Version - 11/27/2004

  1. Initial commercial release of XChange.