The dcsTools Family of Products

Today, software and systems users are demanding more from their products. They want more features and less "ramp-up time" — in other words, more power without sacrificing ease-of-use. We create software designed specifically to meet those needs.


In the end, no amount of hype or hyperbole can change the fact that you, the user, determine whether a specific product or system meets your needs. That's why virtually all of our products are available for you to download and determine for yourself if your needs are met. We make supporting documentation, including on-line help and downloadable files, available on each product page and centrally-located on our downloads and documentation pages.

We encourage you to look over the information on our products. To make things as simple as possible to find, our product locator is on nearly every page in this site, placed near the top-left of the display. Products are conveniently grouped by name, by usage and by studio location.

Most of our products can be used with either DCS & Maestro or our own XStudio automation system.

Solutions for DCS & Maestro Users

General Automation and Support Products


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