Convert .WAV, .MP2, .MP3 to .DAF from your desktop!

XChange converts generic audio files, including .WAV, .MP2, and .MP3 to DCS, Maestro & XStudio .DAF files. The resulting .DAF file can be PCM linear audio, apt-X™ encoded or MPEG-2 encoded. Software encoders must be present on the system for either apt-X or MPEG encoding.

When used with a DCS or Maestro system, converted files can be targeted directly to an ACP Server for immediate and transparent insertion of the converted audio into the system inventory.

The need to convert generic audio files to formats that can be used by DCS™ and Maestro™ systems provided the initial inspiration for XChange. XChange allows for easy conversion, along with basic trim and tail editing, of most standard audio formats into a digital audio file (.DAF) compatible with DCS, Maestro and XStudio.

A unique cart editor provides facilities for auditioning the source audio, setting the converted file's audio length and AUX mark, and entering the description, agency information, start and end dates, and audio distribution.

Source files can be converted singly or in groups (batches). Converted files adhere to the DAF version 1.3 specifications.

XChange also supports creation of multi-cut carts.

  • Converts source files of types wav (.wav), MPEG-2 (.mp2) and MPEG-3 (.mp3)
  • Creates target files of linear (PCM), MPEG-2, and apt-X™ that are compatible with DCS, Maestro and XStudio. MPEG-2 and apt-X audio encoding require optional encoders.
  • Batch convert files quickly and easily.
  • Automatic File Name Conversion for voice tracks.
  • Editing of Audio Length, Aux Mark, and other Cart Information through a unique Cart Editor.
  • Allows batch conversion to specific start and stop dates.
  • Create multi-cut carts quickly.
  • Requires only a standard Windows based PC with a sound card.

Application Requirements:

  • Windows 98, Me or Windows NT, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system.
  • Pentium processor or faster.
  • 64 MB RAM or more for Windows 98 and Me, 128MB RAM or more for Windows 2000 or XP, 1GB RAM for Vista or Windows 7.
  • VGA, super VGA, XGA or 8514/A monitor, with adapter, running 800x600 minimum display resolution.
  • An audio card supported by the operating system – one playback and one record channel as a minimum.
  • A LAN card (NIC), known to be working if you will be connecting to a LAN to access audio files.
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
  • At least 10 MB free disk space for the application and support files - additional space may be required for source and converted target files if stored locally.

Purchasing XChange

$299.00 US
$549.00 US (with apt-X)
Order on-line immediately with a credit card using the Buy Now! button. If preferred, we can also send you an invoice for payment by check.

The base XChange product decodes PCM, MPEG2 and MPEG3 files, but does not include encoders for MPEG2 or apt-X. To produce apt-X™ encoded files, order XChange with the apt-X option.


The software is available as a download and can be installed to try it out, with some limitations. After purchase, a registration is sent via email to enable full functionality.


This software is subject to a license and warranty agreement. Read the full text of the agreement here.


If you are unsure about the usability of this software, download it and try it out. We offer a free trial registration - it allows you to use the software for a period of time, fully functional, without purchasing.

Update Policy

All updates for the same major version of this software are downloadable at no charge. Major version updates may have an associated upgrade charge.

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Current Version:
Released Mar-11-2012