The original traffic and music log merge utility for DCS, Maestro and XStudio!

LogMerge supports most popular traffic and music scheduling systems and features advanced error-checking and control over the process of merging dissimilar source logs to produce a ready-for-airplay broadcast log.

Inventory validation ensures that scheduled items are, in fact, available on the host DCS, Maestro, or XStudio system - both the item's existence and validity for the specified log date are checked.

Version 5.7.1, released 6/6/2011, fixes a problem with pasting the registration key into the Registration Code field. If you have version 5.7.0, you should download and install this update.

LogMerge is a conversion and merge utility designed to provide the DCS, Maestro or XStudio user with a method of merging a music log (output by a music scheduling system) and a traffic log (output by a traffic system) into a single file that meets the structural requirements of the DCS Generic Log File specification v1.5, as published by Computer Concepts Corporation.

The general sequence is: user exports a music log to a defined format, exports the traffic log to a defined format, and then runs LogMerge. LogMerge reads each of the source files (music log and traffic log). The two source files are then merged and output as DCS generic log file. As the file is being written to the target directory in the DCS Generic Log File format, a separate file is created to document errors.

Supported Music, Traffic Systems

Music scheduling systems currently supported include MusicMaster (formerly MusicScan) Type 1 and Type 2, POWERGOLD, MusicPro, Music 1, Results 98 and Selector™.

Traffic systems supported include Computer Concepts and any other traffic system capable of exporting its log to the DCS Generic Log File format - most of the major traffic system vendors make available such an export.

  • Inventory checking - the log contents are compared to DCS, Maestro or XStudio inventory to check for availability and date range.
  • Verification of merged log versus original traffic log to ensure all original source traffic log commercials are on the finished log.
  • Support of direct cart calls from the Music log file.
  • Support of Load Directives from the Music log file.
  • Support of Execute Functions from the Music log file.
  • Automatic macro conversion of DCS, Maestro, and XStudio macro characters for day, hour, and voice number.
  • The finished output file can be used without editing, although inspection is highly recommended.
  • You can re-merge the logs and overwrite the previous log, even the current day log in-use.
  • Log preview - view the log after merging in a built-in viewer. Information includes hourly content totals, helpful in determining whether or not a given log will perform as desired.
  • Supported music scheduling systems include: Music Master (formerly MusicScan) Type 1 and Type 2, POWERGOLD, MusicPro, Music 1, Results 98 and Selector™.

Application Requirements:

  • Windows 98, Me or Windows NT, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Pentium processor or faster
  • 32 MB RAM or more for Windows 98 and Me, 64MB RAM or more for Windows 2000 or XP, 1GB RAM for Vista or Windows 7
  • At least 7 MB free disk space for the application and support files.
  • A LAN card (NIC) if you will be connecting to a LAN to access source log files, to save merged logs to another PC or to retrieve audio inventory information from a supported audio system.

Purchasing LogMerge

$595.00 US Order on-line immediately with a credit card using the Buy Now! button. If preferred, we can also send you an invoice for payment by check.

The base LogMerge registration includes merge support for 2 stations. Additional stations are $50.00 US each. When ordering on-line, you will have the opportunity to add stations to LogMerge during the order process.

$50.00 US/Stn Add stations to LogMerge. If you already have LogMerge and want to add stations to the registration, use the Upgrade! button. You will need your original LogMerge serial number, available in the LogMerge Help | Registration Info display.


The software is available as a download and can be installed to try it out, with some limitations. After purchase, a registration is sent via email to enable full functionality.


This software is subject to a license and warranty agreement. Read the full text of the agreement here.


If you are unsure about the usability of this software, download it and try it out. We offer a free trial registration - it allows you to use the software for a period of time, fully functional, without purchasing.

Update Policy

All updates for the same major version of this software are downloadable at no charge. Major version updates may have an associated upgrade charge.

The LogMerge manual and on-line help have been updated recently. The documentation has been re-organized to make it easier to use. If you are using LogMerge and have not updated to version 5.7, you should download the new version of the manual (in PDF format) or review the on-line help.

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Current Version:
Released Jun-6-2011