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Rip CD's to .DAF files!

XTractor fills a need for stations that use DCS™, Maestro™ and XStudio systems. Many stations spend a lot of time each week dubbing CD-based audio into their systems in real time. It would be desirable to "rip" audio from the CD in something better than real-time dubbing. XTractor is a professional CD audio ripper that's compatible with these systems.

Features that save time, like the ability to access the CDDB database via the Internet (internet connection required), and basic tops and tails dubbing (a simple edit bar that allows the user to set a start and end point for the audio to be dubbed) are included.

A significant amount of time was spent perfecting the method of re-sampling the audio to go from the CD standard of 44.1 KHz to the typical DCS or Maestro 32 KHz or 16 KHz. We have been able to achieve a nearly transparent transformation utilizing a Linear Interpolation algorithm.

Based on the performance of your PC, you can expect to see transfer rates of 3 to 6 times real time. The converted CD audio can also be saved as a standard wave audio file (.wav) if you wish to maintain a copy for archival purposes. This feature can be turned on or off by the user.

  • Rip CD's to DCS, Maestro and XStudio .DAF files in a fraction of real-time dubbing.
  • Supports target file storage of linear (PCM), apt-X™ or MPEG II
    (additional encoders required for apt-X and MPEG)
  • Create needed cart information within the application, including:
    Cart Description (Max 24 Characters)
    Agency Description (Max 15 Characters)
    Start and Stop Dates with a simple calendar interface
    Log Length
    Actual Length
    Aux Mark Length
    Station Distribution
    Designated Owner
  • Options to export files to the DAFIE import engine, direct to an ACP server or direct to DCS, Maestro and XStudio.
  • Multi-track dubbing, with auto cart number generation.
  • Adjust copying volume in the digital domain.
  • Dyna^Level™ This option will analyze the audio file for the absolute peak and then adjust the digital copy level to your predetermined peak level. It corrects for level differences between cuts and CD's, but does not affect the dynamic range.

Application Requirements:

  • Windows 95 (OSR2), 98, Me or Windows NT, Windows 2000 Pro, or Windows XP.
  • Pentium processor or faster.
  • 32 MB RAM or more for Windows 95, 98 and Me, 64MB RAM for NT4, 128MB RAM or more for Windows 2000 Pro or XP.
  • At least 6 MB free disk space for the application and support files.
  • ~100MB free disk space for temporary files created during the ripping process.
    (see Storage Notes for additional information)
  • CD-ROM drive – the time spent ripping will be dictated by the performance level of this device.
  • SoundBlaster™-compatible sound card.
  • VGA monitor, with adapter, running 800x600 minimum display resolution.
  • A LAN card (NIC), if you will be connecting to a LAN to save audio files to a server.

Storage Notes

Free disk space required may vary, based on the length of audio cut you are ripping from CD. Long-form programming with cuts of 20 minutes, for instance, will require significant free disk space. A rule of thumb is to have approximately 12MB of free disk space for every minute of audio to be ripped. For a 20-minute cut, you should have at least 250MB free disk space.

If you're getting long-form programming and spots delivered to the station via the internet or email and need to convert .wav, .mp2 and .mp3 files to .DAF, XChange is an efficient, cost-effective solution.

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Released Jul-5-2006