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Formed in 1999, dcsTools.com combined the efforts of KTC Technology, Ltd. and C-R Media. Since 1992, these companies have provided professional software products including LogMerge™, VoiceTracker © and ACS (Automatic Commercial Sender) on an OEM basis to Computer Concepts Corporation (now Wide Orbit Automation).

In 1996, the companies developed a unique broadcast audio logging system which became the de facto standard in Canada. ReeLogger© and its multi-channel successor, RL2000©, are used daily by hundreds radio stations.

In 2003, dcsTools.com introduced XStudio, an audio playback system that can be used in conjunction with DCS & Maestro systems or as a self-contained automation system.

The people at dcsTools.com are veterans in the broadcast industry, with hands-on experience in engineering, information technology, management, operations, on-air broadcasting, and finance.

Knowledge has been gathered at the vendor, broadcast corporate, consulting, and in-station levels by actually working in each of the environments.

The result is a group of people who have an understanding of what it takes to develop hardware and software solutions for broadcasters, taking into consideration each level's requirements and desires.

Software developers have experience in object oriented programming languages such as Visual C++, C++ Builder, Delphi and Visual Basic.

Unique hardware designs, utilizing state of the art micro-controllers, coupled with analog engineering skills, allow us to design and build application-specific devices for our clients.

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