Complete .DAF information!

iDAF extracts XStudio, DCS, & Maestro .DAF audio file information. All information stored in the audio file header is extracted and displayed for analysis of the inventory.

iDAF Basic is free!

The registered "Pro" version of iDAF supports editing selected header information, including distribution, start and end dates, and Aux Mark. See the Features section for additional Pro version functionality.

The desire to have more complete information about .DAF audio files was the motivation to create iDAF. This audio file type was originally created by Computer Concepts Corporation, Lenexa, KS, for the its DCS audio delivery system in 1989.

iDAFprovides the means to scan user-designated hard disk locations, searching for and cataloguing all .DAF files found. All information available in the "cart header" is extracted and organized in an easy-to-read tabular display.

Displayed cart information can be filtered several ways, including cart numbers, file types and description, to name a few. In fact, all available information about a particular audio file can be used for filtering and grouping of the displayed information. Showing just-expired audio carts is a matter of clicking on a button, as is showing only future-dated audio files.

Displayed cart information can be further organized by hiding or showing columns of information on-demand. Thus, if you’re only looking at certain aspects of the audio files, you can remove extraneous information from the display – and later restore it on-demand.

Unlike the standard XStudio, DCS or Maestro inventory information, iDAF shows you key information like cart distribution, multi-cut rotation, sample rate, stereo/monaural settings, type of encoding used (PCM, apt-X™, MPEG), number of revisions that have been made to the audio, owner node of the audio, date/time stamp of the file, and even the analog and digital gain trim values.

Once information has been organized in a suitable way, the information can be exported to any of a number of popular file formats, including standard text, XML, HTML, and Excel (XLS) formats for further analysis – or to just provide a list of carts to someone who may need to do maintenance on out-of-date audio, etc.

There are times when it’s desirable to copy selected audio files from one location to another, and that feature is provided, too.

Registered users of iDAF gain advanced features like the ability to edit cart header information, including begin and end dates, distribution, description, agency field, multi-cut rotation and audio gain. Edited information is committed safely by initially making a copy of the audio file, modifying the header information, and then creating the finished file.

Free Basic Version Features

  • The user interface is simple and easy to understand - and is fully customizable.
  • All available information about an audio file is extracted and displayed in easily understood terms.
  • Scan one or more audio directories simultaneously with no limit to locations scanned - if a folder can be seen by the application, you can scan it for .DAF files.
  • User-defined audio file search criteria to limit audio file processing to just those that you are interested in.
  • Optionally display .DAF file version v1.4 extended cart header information, which includes song title, artist, hook line information, intro and outro times and tag text.
  • Sort, group and filter audio cart lists in multiple ways, all user-defined. Custom filters can be saved for future use.
  • File scans are background tasks - you can continue reviewing information while refreshing data or performing a completely new scan.
  • Audio cart information can be saved to special extended inventory data files, preserving the information for later review. There is no limit to the number of saved inventory data files you can create, aside from available disk space.
  • Previous inventory data can be reloaded on-demand.
  • Audio cart information can be saved as a standard DCS/Maestro inventory data file (CMINV??.DAT) on-demand.
  • Display settings - groupings, etc. - are automatically saved on exit and restored on startup. You can also save particular column settings you may have customized for a specific purpose - and restore them on-demand.
  • Specific combinations of folders scanned can be saved and easily recalled for use at a later time.
  • Displayed audio information can be exported to a number of standard file formats - HTML, XLS & XLSX (Excel), XML and standard Text. Export all data displayed or just selected items.

Pro Version Features

The registered Pro version of iDAF adds the following features to the basic version feature set.

  • Cart header information can be edited, including begin/end dates, descriptions, distribution and cart rotations.
  • Groups of audio files can be deleted.
  • User-customizable printed reports, including print preview, the ability to save and restore custom print settings, and direct export to PDF files.

iDAF requires at least:

  • Operating System: Windows 98, Me or Windows NT, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP, Windows Vista and aboveor Windows Server 2000 and above.
  • Processor: Pentium processor or faster
  • RAM Memory: 48 MB RAM or more for Windows 98 SE and Me, 128 MB RAM or more for Windows NT, Windows 2000 or XP, and 1 GB RAM or more for Vista and above. For servers, a minimum of 1 GB RAM is recommended.
  • Hard Disk: At least 15 MB free disk space for the application, support files and documentation.
  • Network: A LAN card (NIC), known to be working (if you will be connecting to a LAN to access audio files).
  • Printer: To print reports (registered Pro version only), you must have at least one printer installed.

If you have a large inventory of audio files, additional RAM memory may be desirable if you experience slow inventory load times. Inventory data is kept in memory and insufficient RAM will cause disk-swapping, which slows performance.

Purchasing iDAF

iDAF Basic is free. iDAF Pro, which requires purchase, adds advanced features like cart header editing (description, agency, start/end date, Aux Mark), file deletion and custom reporting with print preview. See the Features section for information on additional functionality available in iDAF Pro.

iDAF Basic: Free
IDAF Pro: $99.00 US
Order on-line immediately with a credit card using the Buy Now! button. If preferred, we can also send you an invoice for payment by check.


The software is available as a download. If the Pro Version is purchased, a registration is sent via email to enable full functionality.


This software is subject to a license and warranty agreement. Read the full text of the agreement here.

Update Policy

All updates for the same major version of this software are downloadable at no charge. Pro Version major updates may have an associated upgrade charge.


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