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iDAF Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application.

Version - 02/01/2016

  1. Enhancement. iDAF has been updated to support Windows 10.

Version - 12/10/2014

  1. Fix. Version 1.4.4 incompatibilities with Windows 98 & Windows NT4 have been addressed.

Version - 05/05/2014

  1. Enhancement. iDAF now detects Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2 operating systems and adjusts its display accordingly.

Version - 10/31/2012

  1. Enhancement. The scan folder selection dialog now has the option of displaying a user-friendly name for selected folders. When adding a folder, you can enter a display name of your choosing or accept the default display name, which is the actual path.

  2. Enhancement. Folder lists are now saved in a new file format that retains the display name, path, and whether or not the item is enabled (checked). When running a scan using the [Recent Scans] drop-down list, only folder paths that are enabled are scanned. The new default file extension for saved lists is now ".fldrlist". The original folder list files (*.lst) are handled automatically for backward compatibility.

  3. Enhancement. iDAF now remembers the last folder used when saving or restoring certain kinds of files, including DCS/Maestro inventory files, EIF (Extended Inventory Files), report settings files and cart filters.

  4. Fix. Carts (audio items) with a length or Aux Mark value greater than ~60:15 (60 minutes, 15 seconds) were displayed as being much shorter. Long carts now display correctly.

  5. Fix. On certain operating systems with multiple monitors, the dialog that appears when opening a file is placed on the wrong monitor. This problem has been corrected.

  6. Fix. When retrieving the audio file type information for display of the correct type graphic, an error with the text "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (String)." could occur.

Version - 01/04/2012

  1. Enhancement. Data can now be exported in XLSX (later versions of Excel). Available on host PC's running Windows 2000 and later only.

  2. Fix. Restoring of iDAF's host monitor position on multi-monitor systems now works properly.

  3. Fix. Extended Event Logging settings changed by the user at run-time are now properly saved and restored at next launch of iDAF.

Version - 10/10/2011

  1. Enhancement. iDAF is now aware of multiple monitor host systems and properly saves and restores its position on the correct monitor.

  2. Enhancement. iDAF now reports the host operating system in more detail and has been updated to include Windows 7.

  3. Enhancement. iDAF now exports and imports cart filters in the standard dcsTools (*.CCF) format. Cart Category (filters) files created in other dcsTools utilities can now be imported in iDAF. Any category color schemes are discarded, as they are not used in iDAF. Similarly, cart mask lists exported from iDAF will not contain custom category color information. iDAF retains the ability to import mask files (*.MSK) created with earlier versions of iDAF.

  4. Enhancement (Pro version only). Reports can now be saved directly as PDF files on Windows 2000 and later operating systems.

  5. Change. The installation package for iDAF now includes separate builds of iDAF for legacy operating systems (prior to Windows 2000) and current operating systems. The installer automatically detects the operating system you are using and selects the correct file to install. This change was made to provide additional features and functionality for newer operating systems while still allowing the software to be used on legacy operating systems that do not support some of the new features. Notable features not available on legacy operating systems include direct export of reports to PDF files and multi-select of filter criteria when filtering data via the column drop-down lists.

  6. Fix. On occasion, Station Names changed in Preferences were not saved properly.

  7. Fix. When saving an inventory list as a DCS/Maestro inventory (CMINV??.DAT), extraneous characters would sometimes appear in the cart number field.

  8. Fix. The File Path field could inadvertently include the filename.

  9. Fix (Pro version only). The correct File Type graphic now prints, if included in a report.

Version - 05/27/2009

  1. Fix. Corrected a problem with calculating the Length and Aux Mark values of large long-form PCM 44.1 stereo files.

Version - 04/02/2009

  1. Fix. Audio file headers automatically updated from v1.2 to v1.4 by Maestro or associated utilities left behind partial v1.2 header information, resulting in iDAF incorrectly identifying the audio file version as the older v1.2. iDAF now correctly handles this situation.

Version - 02/07/2009

  1. Fix. iDAF would not launch on operating systems older than Windows 2000. This included Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT4. The problem was introduced in version 1.3.0 and has been resolved.

Version - 12/18/2008

  1. Enhancement. iDAF now optionally displays .DAF file version v1.4 extended cart header information, which includes song title, artist, hook line information, intro and outro times and tag text. Menu items to display or hide all v1.4 columns has been added. Extended information is always displayed in the cart properties dialog, if available.

  2. Enhancement. A new visual appearance setting called "Ultra Flat" has been added.

  3. Change. A new installation program is now used that reduces the installer "footprint" and is simpler to use. When the new installation program is run and the previous iDAF installer is detected, it is uninstalled (after user confirmation), removing files that are no longer needed.

  4. Fix. After editing a cart header, the edited cart information would appear a second time in the audio list.

  5. Fix. iDAF no longer forces the main display to center on the desktop at startup. The display position is restored as it was when last closed.

Version - 03/09/2008

  1. Change. When editing a multi-cut cart header, if the file distribution values in the master header and related cuts were out-of-sync with one another, editing of the rotation list would be disabled and other edits would be rejected because iDAF was enforcing strict matches. The rules have now been relaxed and when dealing with a cart that has missing or out-of-sync distribution, you can now edit the distribution and rotation lists successfully.

    If the file distribution on all cuts is mismatched with the file distribution in the master header, you will be able to remove cuts from the rotation list, but not be able to add cuts as there will be no items in the available cuts list. Correcting the out-of-sync master header and cut headers can be achieved by updating the master header distribution list, which will also update all found cuts.

Version - 10/13/2007

  1. Enhancement. Options to slow down .DAF file scanning and/or file copying operations have been added to provide more control over these operations, particularly when working against an older ACP server that could be overwhelmed by these operations, which are aggressive by nature. See the help sections on File Scan Settings and File Copy Options for more information.

  2. Enhancement. If a file copy operation is in-progress at program close, the file copying is now automatically terminated.

  3. Change. Toolbar and cart display table settings have been removed from the main preferences file and are now stored in their own separate files for ease in maintenance. Existing cart display table settings are automatically converted and saved. Existing toolbar settings are removed and the toolbars are reset to application defaults initially. See the List of Files help topic for the specific file names used for toolbars and cart display table settings.

Version - 06/27/2007

  1. Enhancement. iDAF now provides the means to reduce scan time and the resulting list of carts (audio files) by allowing user-defined "Custom Cart Masks" as a scanning option. In this case, the user defines a list of file masks for audio files that are to be included in the final result. Unless enabled, scans default to all carts (audio files) found in the selected folders.

  2. Enhancement. The last folder used for opening a single .DAF file is now preserved and used as the default folder the next time a single file is opened.

  3. Enhancement. The [Ctrl-X] keyboard shortcut has been implemented for program exit. See the help topic on Keyboard Shortcuts for additional information.

  4. Fix. An error, "RecordIndex out of bounds", would occur if a user deleted a number of audio files and was working with a grouped record display. The error occurred only under certain conditions - not all deletions in a grouped record display triggered the error.

  5. Change. The help documentation has been updated to work with Windows Vista. Vista does not as a default support the traditional help file (*.HLP). The help documentation is now supplied as a compiled HTML file (*.CHM).

Version - 12/12/2006

  1. Fix. Visual appearance inconsistencies, particularly in the cart properties edit dialog, have been corrected.

Version - 06/10/2006

  1. Fix. A problem with problem with CMINV??.DAT files' LogLen field not displaying properly has been fixed. The DAF file header allows for 7 characters for the log length field, but the CMINV??.DAT log length field is limited to 5 characters. When saving an extended inventory file as a CMINV??.DAT file, iDAF now writes only the last 5 characters of the log length field to the CMINV??.DAT log length field.

Version - 03/30/2006

  1. Enhancement. Bit rate information is now displayed on the view/edit cart header dialog.

  2. Enhancement. The time it takes to display the view/edit cart header dialog has been reduced significantly.

  3. Fix. A one-time memory leak at program exit has been corrected.

Version - 11/15/2005

  1. Enhancement. Functionality to view and/or edit a single .DAF file directly from disk has been added. You can now select a single .DAF file from a standard file dialog and view the header information. Pro version users can also edit the header information, with some limitations when working with multi-cut carts.

  2. Fix. Memory leaks in the file scan modules have been corrected. These did not generally affect users of iDAF, as the leaks were small and the user would have to run several hundred scans without leaving the program before an error would occur.

Version - 08/01/2005

  1. Enhancement. A "View" menu item has been added to the main menu. You can now set the visual appearance, change the visibility of selected toolbars, and reset all toolbars to their default settings from the main menu.

  2. Enhancement. Registered users can now print reports based on the cart information displayed. The layout of a report can be modified in the Preview mode, including changes to paper orientation, report title, elements that will be visible (printed), paper margins, and a number of other settings. Customized report layouts can be saved to a user-defined file name and later re-used by loading the custom settings.

Version - 06/14/2005

  1. Enhancement. Registered users can now edit the Owner Node of a selected cart.

  2. Enhancement. Registered users can now delete audio files, either singly or in groups.

  3. Enhancement. The displayed list of carts now has visual indicators for the type of cart - or, if the cart has been deleted, a special indicator is displayed.

  4. Enhancement. The cart edit dialog now displays a checkbox indicating whether or not the audio file being edited is a stereo file.

  5. Change. If a version 1.2 audio file is updated to use more than 16 work stations in distribution, the audio file version text is automatically updated to version 1.3. Similarly, if the file being edited originally was a version 1.3 file and the distribution list is just the standard 16 work stations, the audio file version text is reverted to version 1.2.

  6. Change. When an audio file is edited and committed, the revision number of the file is now incremented. This includes cuts of a multi-cut cart when the distribution or rotations are changed.

Version - 05/29/2005

  1. Enhancement. During a file scan, an animation is displayed in the scan toolbar, indicating that a scan is in progress. The application title also is updated to indicate a scan is in progress.

  2. Enhancement. A button has been added to the filters toolbar to directly launch a custom filter dialog. With this dialog, users can create their own customized list filters, as well as save and restore custom filters.

  3. Enhancement. Performance when working with large inventories has been improved, particularly when saving an EIF (Extended Inventory File) file.

  4. Enhancement. When viewing an event log, settings for searching the log are saved when the dialog is closed and restored when it is opened.

  5. Enhancement. Users can now save a displayed inventory as a standard DCS/Maestro inventory file (CMINV??.DAT) on-demand. The option is available in the [File] menu on the main display.

  6. Change. A DCS/Maestro inventory file is no longer automatically created when scanning disk surfaces as a default behavior. Users can enable automatic saving of this type of file in Preferences.

Version - 01/04/2005

The initial public release of iDAF.