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Archiving Logs & Audit files made easy!

DArc32 makes the task of archiving files used and produced by DCS™, Maestro™ and XStudio systems quicker and easier.

These products use a log, which is the source document produced either by your traffic system or is a "merged" file that combines your music scheduling system's music log content and your traffic system's commercial content.

They also automatically create an "audit" file, which includes information on what the system did, including the playing of audio, information on receipt of outside stimuli (like a network "tone" or "relay"), and other useful information on what the system did.

These two general file types are day-oriented. A unique log date file is used, and similarly, a unique audit file is created. Each of the files has a unique name. Both types of files have a naming syntax of mmddyySx where the "mmddyy" part is month, day, year (2-digit), the "S" is for "Station", and the "x" value is station number. Where the two types differ is in the file extension - logs are .LOG and audit files are .ADT. So, for a date of, say, February 14, 2000, and a station designated as station one, the two files we'd be interested in archiving would be 021400S1.LOG and 021400S1.ADT.

Instead of having to remember how these files are named, and then picking the correct ones for a given date range, DArc32 presents you with a calendar from which to select a beginning and ending archive date. You may elect to archive either log or audit files - or both types. You may choose to simply move the files to an archive location, or you can "zip" the files, reducing the space required for archiving.

  • Easy-to-use interface for archiving log and audit files.
  • User defaults make the archive process easy to run any time.
  • Select archive begin and end dates either by entering dates or selecting from a calendar.
  • Normal, or "default", archive options can be changed at run time for special archive sessions.
  • UNC addresses are supported, both for retrieving files and target archive locations.
  • A handy zip file viewer/editor is included for viewing, extracting, or modifying archives that have been zipped.
  • Archive sessions are logged, including user name and machine for the session. The log can be viewed from the main dialog.
  • The user interface can be organized by the user to suit individual preferences. The tool bars and status display can be moved to positions of the user's choosing and will be remembered next time DArc32 is launched. This includes main dialog size and location on the screen.
  • Spanning of diskettes is supported (zipped archives only).

Application Requirements:

  • Windows 98, Me or Windows NT4, Windows 2000 Pro, or Windows XP
  • Pentium processor or faster
  • 32 MB RAM or more for Windows 98 and Me, 64 MB RAM for NT4, 128MB RAM or more for Windows 2000 or XP.
  • At least 2 MB free disk space for the application and support files.
  • VGA monitor, with adapter, running 800x600 minimum display resolution.
  • A LAN card (NIC), if you will be connecting to a LAN to access source log and audit files.

You may archive files to any location, however, recommended target media include Zip™ drives, Jazz™ drives, floppy drives, USB sticks and external USB drives.

Why Bother?

It might be argued that there's no purpose to keeping archival copies of logs and audit data files, that simply deleting them once a month has gone by is sufficient.

However, it might prove useful down the road to have these files - they represent the "before" and "after" of an on-air system. The log represents what was intended to happen, the audit data file represents what actually happened during the broadcast day.

Should questions arise later about what did or did not play on the air, these documents could prove invaluable. Given these files are individually quite small, you can archive hundreds or even thousands on a Zip drive or CD, making it a small investment for preservation of this information.

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