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XPlay Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application.

Version - 02/01/2006

  1. Enhancement. Support for CCC .DAF file version 1.4 has been added.

  2. Fix. A problem where the application would occasionally AV on exit has been corrected.

Version - 12/15/2003

  1. Enhancement. Support for playback of 44.1 and 48 kHz PCM (linear files) has been added.

  2. Fix. A bug where the displayed file type (PCM, MPEG, apt-X™) was incorrect when using the Intro and Outro buttons has been corrected.

Version - 2/28/2003

  1. Enhancement. The ability to play back apt-X™ encoded audio files has been added. This feature requires the optional apt-X™ Encoder software module.

  2. Enhancement. XPlay will now build its own inventory information or can use an inventory data file created by a DCS or Maestro unit. Using an inventory data file improves the application start-up time since XPlay does not have to locate and catalog every audio file on the audio drive.

  3. Enhancement. The inventory display has been revised and now includes all available cart information – description, agency tape information, start and end dates. The inventory list can be sorted by column and features a type-ahead search.

  4. Change. XPlay registration now requires a machine ID as a part of the process. Users of previous versions will need to have their registration re-issued.