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crWebBB Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application.

Version - 10-06-2014

  1. Enhancement. Logging of RDS messages sent to an RDS encoder now include all text sent to the encoder rather than just of the message content that would appear in RDS-enabled receivers. Logging the entire text string sent to the encoder assists in troubleshooting encoder communications problems. Note that the "Last Sent RDS Message" information panel on the main display continues to include just the text that would be seen on RDS-enabled receivers.

  2. Fix. When RDS was enabled and the Audemat-Aztec Silver RDS encoder was selected, data was not being sent to the encoder. This encoder also appears to require a delay between PS Text & Text sends - review the RDS Advanced Options topic for further information.

  3. Fix. When RDS functionality was enabled and sending Dynamic PS text only, the "Last Sent RDS Message" information on the main dialog was not being updated. This information is now updated for all RDS text send options.

Version - 03/28/2014

  1. Enhancement. crWebBB now detects Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems and adjusts its display accordingly.

  2. Enhancement. The crWebBB manual, supplied in PDF format, has been optimized for duplex printing.

  3. Fix. If for some reason crWebBB sent empty text to the RDS module and block mode was enabled, a "list index out of bounds" error would occur. Additional checking of of the data arriving in the RDS module is now done to ensure this error does not occur.

  4. Fix. With certain displays and skins, the appearance of section identifiers in the Preferences dialog was incorrect. The visual appearance of these identifiers is now consistent with or without skinning of crWebBB.

Version - 08/01/2012

  1. Enhancement. An option to automatically update changed music data has been added. On completion of a manual import of music data, a prompt to enable auto-update appears. If answered "yes", future exports of music data from the music scheduling system are automatically imported. Update settings can also be maintained in the Music Maintenance dialog.

  2. Enhancement. A new RDS option has been added that allows you to insert a delay between RadioText and Dynamic PS message sends to the encoder.

Version - 07/22/2011

  1. Enhancement. Posting can now be limited to music content only. Each posting type is controlled independently with a preference setting.

  2. Enhancement. The preferences dialog has been redesigned to place items in logical groups. A property navigation tree has been introduced, replacing the original tabular layout as the means of selecting related groups of properties.

  3. Enhancement. Music data import has been optimized to improve import speed.

  4. Change. Users are now always prompted to confirm shutting down crWebBB to avoid inadvertent exit of the program.

  5. Fix. On certain PC's, an AV would occur when attempting to import music into an empty music table and crWebBB was skinned.

Version - 04/08/2011

  1. Enhancement. The maximum size of the user-defined text message template has been increased to 1024 characters to support user-defined XML files.

Version - 03/03/2011

  1. Enhancement. If using TCP/IP to communicate with the host audio system, crWebBB will try to re-connect automatically if for some reason the TCP connection is dropped. On disconnect, a disconnect notice is displayed notifying users that crWebBB will be trying to re-connect.

  2. Enhancement. RDS messages can be sent via TCP/IP for selected encoders (Inovonics 713 and 730). Preferences items have been added for the host encoder IP address, port and password (if needed). When selecting a supported encoder, you can choose whether the communication method will be serial or TCP/IP. For those encoders that are not supported via TCP/IP, these options are disabled.

  3. Enhancement. If using TCP/IP to communicate with an RDS encoder and the connection is dropped for some reason, crWebBB will try to re-connect automatically. While disconnected, a disconnect notice displays periodically along with entries in the "last error" window.

  4. Enhancement. Support for the Audemat-Aztec Silver RDS encoder has been added.

  5. Enhancement. RDS messages sent are added to the main display's "last sent" information only after having been successfully sent. This prevents the last sent information from being updated if for some reason the serial or TCP/IP data send to the encoder fails.

  6. Enhancement. RDS errors are now displayed in the "last error" window on the main display.

  7. Enhancement. crWebBB is now aware of multiple monitor host systems and properly saves and restores its position on the correct monitor. Previously, the main display was always centered on the monitor.

  8. Enhancement. Pop-up dialogs, including FTP Status, TCP/IP Status Messages, IP Messaging and File Transfer, are multi-monitor aware. The dialog's monitor number and position are saved and restored.

  9. Change. Application information logging has been changed to include more information about the host environment and activity as a default. Extended logging is still available as a command-line switch.

  10. Change. A new installation program is now used that reduces the installer "footprint" and is simpler to use. When the new installation program is run and the previous crWebBB installer is detected, it is uninstalled (after user confirmation), removing files that are no longer needed.

  11. Fix. When crWebBB is used with XStudio, the host audio engine work station ID was not being displayed. It is now properly identified and displayed.

  12. Fix. A bug in the preferences dialog where supported serial baud rates were not being properly updated when the user changed the encoder selection has been fixed.

Version - 12/05/2009

  1. Enhancement. Operating system detection has been updated to include the latest Microsoft products, including Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.

  2. Change. The documentation for setting up a host DCS or Maestro has been updated.

  3. Fix. RDS posting for the recently-added Inovonics 720 & 730 encoders was failing with an "unknown encoder" error.

  4. Fix. A small memory leak leak that occurred in the host system communications module once during an application run has been eliminated.

Version - 10/05/2009

  1. Enhancement. A new user-defined text billboard type has been added. The content layout is completely customizable by the end-user and may be used in combination with the standard text type or in lieu of it. The user-defined text file may uploaded via FTP using a separate FTP configuration.

  2. Enhancement. Support for the PIRA32 and Inovonics 720 and 730 (serial only) RDS encoders has been added.

Version - 05/06/2009

  1. Enhancement. The text billboard and FTP upload functionality has been completely rewritten to use a threaded approach. Text billboards are now queued for writing to file and uploading. Posting can be delayed if synchronization with a web audio stream is needed. This change provides significant improvement in reliability of uploads, including multiple retries if the first connection attempt fails. crWebBB now always logs out from the host FTP site following an upload, eliminating "time-out" errors that could occur when the user selected a persistent connection and too much time elapsed between uploads.

  2. Enhancement. The general appearance of crWebBB has been improved, particularly when the host operating system is Windows XP and application skinning is not used.

Version - 04/25/2007

  1. Enhancement. The option to control the type of FTP file transfer has been added. Users can now select file transfer types of either passive or active. The default is active, which has been been the only transfer mode used up to this version.

  2. Fix. Handling of extended play start data from Maestro has been revised in order to deal properly with a situation where Maestro returns a blank cart category. If a blank category is detected, processing of the play start message is now handled as though extended information was not sent.

  3. Change. The help documentation has been updated to work with Windows Vista. Vista does not as a default support the traditional help file (*.HLP). The help documentation is now supplied as a compiled HTML file (*.CHM).

Version - 10/06/2006

  1. Enhancement. Support for the Audemat-Aztec FMB80 (Burk RDS Master) encoder and older firmware Audemat-Aztec FMB80 encoders has been added.

  2. Enhancement. The RDS prepend text field has been lengthened to 16 characters maximum. Note this field 'counts' towards the 64-character maximum length of the RadioText field.

  3. Fix. When Preferences was opened, the selected RDS encoder’s default baud rate was set rather than the saved baud rate settings.

  4. Fix. RDS block mode data send time-outs were updated both PS and RadioText fields instead of only the user-selected fields.

Version - 01/24/2006

  1. Enhancement. A custom viewer for the as-run (audit) information is now included in the installation. A menu item for the viewer is added during installation.

  2. Enhancement. The option to send RDS text messages in "Software Block Mode" has been added. When enabled, crWebBB breaks the RDS message into 8-character blocks of words and sends each block to the RDS encoder at a user-specified interval, in seconds. 1-59 seconds is the allowed range.

  3. Enhancement. The option to force an automatic logout after each FTP transfer has been added. If enabled, the application will logout from the host FTP site after it completes the transfer of a billboard file. Note that the effect is the application will have to login to the host FTP site each time a file transfer is required, causing a slightly longer time span in uploading files.

  4. Enhancement. Support for processing audio channels 4 & 5 (Maestro only) has been added.

  5. Enhancement. The application’s "up-time" (time elapsed since the launch of the program) is displayed in the About dialog in the "crWebBB Application Info" section.

  6. Enhancement. A separate application is available to simulate an RDS receiver. It is intended for testing of crWebBB's RDS options before connecting crWebBB to the RDS encoder. The application is a part of the crWebBB Utilities Pack, a separate installation.

  7. Fix. The application no longer processes cart play start information when the host audio machine channel number is not recognized by crWebBB.

Version - 12/05/2005

  1. Enhancement. Support for the Inovonics 713 encoder has been added.

  2. Enhancement. The option to prepend text to RDS messages has been added. When enabled, extra text defined by the user is placed in front of the song title and artist. Alternate messages are not affected.

Version - 11/28/2005

  1. Enhancement. The option to include the cart length (audio length) in the posted text file has been added. The default is to not include the cart length information. The option can be enabled in Preferences.

  2. Enhancement. The “as-run” text log is now a daily log, with 31 days’ worth of logs kept on-line. The naming convention for the files is “yyyymmdd_crWebBB_Log.txt”. The data format has also been modified slightly – for details, refer to Appendix D - Posting Log File Layout in the help file.

  3. Enhancement. The application and RDS event log sizes are now automatically maintained.

Version - 02/04/2005

  1. Enhancement. Added support for remote maintenance of database, including music, cart masks and alternate messages. A client application is now available that can be used to connect to the main application to perform database maintenance.

Version - 01/19/2005

  1. Update. The on-line help system has been updated to include information on all new features.

Version - 01/10/2005

  1. Enhancement. Messages targeted for the web can now be sent by crWebBB directly to the site via FTP.

  2. Enhancement. RDS/RBDS message posting has been enhanced to support additional encoders. You can now send messages to the dynamic PS field if the selected encoder supports the feature in firmware.

  3. Enhancement. Users can now control the general appearance of the application by choosing to "skin" the display. A limited number of skins are available to choose from. Users may also disable this option, which results in the standard Windows display of the application.

  4. Change. Registration is now unique to each PC on which crWebBB is installed. If upgrading from a previous version, you will need to obtain a new registration key.

Version - 03/22/2004

  1. Enhancement. Support for exporting music database information has been added. Users can now export displayed music data to several different file types, including CSV (comma-separated), HTML and SYLK.

  2. Enhancement. The music database maintenance dialog has been improved to allow users to select the database fields to display and to change column titles.

Version - 01/13/2004

  1. Enhancement. Support for a TCP/IP connection to a host rcServer has been added. crWebBB now supports either a direct serial connection to the host DCS or Maestro unit or a TCPIP connection, which allows multiple concurrent connections to the host audio delivery system.

  2. Enhancement. Basic support for sending information to an RDS/RBDS encoder has been added. Data is sent at a user-selected baud rate on a user-selected COM port. Note that if a serial connection is also used for communications with the host audio system, two COM ports must be available to crWebBB in order to use the RDS/RBDS posting feature.

    This initial release supports the Inovonics RDS/RBDS encoder only. Additional encoders may be added at a future date.

  3. Enhancement. The About display has been revised to provide more information about the application's current status. Information may be saved to a text file for trouble shooting.

  4. Enhancement. Support for importing MusicMaster song data has been added. Consult the Help file for information on preparing the song data for use with crWebBB.

  5. Enhancement. The user interface in the music database area has been enhanced to display current sort indexes of the music database.

  6. Enhancement. An option to convert the music data's Title and Artist fields to all capital letters has been added.

Version - 07/13/2002

  1. Initial commercial release of crWebBB.