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ezEdit Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application. For information on less-recent changes and enhancements, see the Revision History.

Version - 04/26/2016

  1. Enhancement. The log edit dialog now presents an error message if an attempt to load a log is made and the log file is locked by another application or otherwise cannot be opened by ezEdit.

  2. Enhancement. ezEdit now detects Windows 10 and adjusts its display accordingly.

  3. Fix. Corrected log validation error dialog typo.

Version - 06/08/2015

  1. Enhancement. Station configuration information can now be exported and imported in Preferences. Exported station information can be used by ezEdit, ezSuite and XStudio with minor adjustments after importing the information into one of of these applications.

  2. Enhancement. Minor changes have been made to some dialogs to improve text readability in some operating systems, most notably Windows Server 2003.

  3. Change. A new property, Force Time-stamp Update, has been added in the Miscellaneous Settings page of Preferences. When enabled, ezEdit will manually update a log file's time stamp after saving the log. Prior to this version of ezEdit, the default behavior was to always manually update the time stamp. Now, ezEdit will not manually update the time stamp as a default as this action will produce undesirable results if the target folder for the log is located on another PC running with different time zone settings. The manual time stamp update was originally implemented for users saving logs to a Novell Netware server that did not have long file name support enabled. If you are using ezEdit in such an environment, enable this property to return to ezEdit's original behavior.

  4. Fix. When displaying the log or audit report selection dialog, the Scanning Files information panel would very occasionally get hidden behind the selection dialog as ezEdit was scanning for available files.

Version - 10/24/2014

  1. Enhancement. ezEdit now detects Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems and adjusts its display accordingly.

  2. Fix. When opening or editing a log, an "invalid time encode" error could occur. This happened if the last hour of the day had more than 60 minutes worth of content and a directive was placed at or near the end of the hour. This scenario caused the estimated air play time to exceed 23:59:59, which raised the error. Now, ezEdit tests for this condition and adjusts accordingly.

Version - 02/12/2013

  1. Enhancement. Log display times can now be shown as AM/PM times if desired. As a default, ezEdit continues to display log times in military format. To enable AM/PM time display, use the main menu item View | Show Log Time as AM/PM. When enabled, printed logs also reflect AM/PM times.

  2. Enhancement. The ezEdit user interface has been updated to improve general appearance.

  3. Enhancement. ezEdit now detects Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems and adjusts its display accordingly.

  4. Fix. When a user attempted to register ezEdit by copying and pasting the registration key into the registration dialog, the registration key would be invalid because the user inadvertently copied leading spaces instead of just the registration key text. Now, any extraneous spaces are removed when the user pastes the registration key into the dialog. Additional feedback is provided when manually entering a registration key that is not the correct length, which can occur if a character is missed in typing or if copying only a portion of the registration key and pasting it.

  5. Fix. When calculating an audio segment length, if the last segment on the log had no audio, the value (zero) was not displayed. This has been corrected.

  6. Fix. Very occasionally, when ezEdit was creating a temporary file to store information for display, the temporary file was not correctly created and the information would not be displayed. The problem has been corrected.

Version - 02/05/2010

  1. Enhancement. ezEdit now reports the host operating system in more detail and has been updated to reflect the release of Windows 7.

  2. Enhancement. Application icons for ezEdit have been updated.

  3. Enhancement. ezEdit is now aware of multiple monitor host systems and properly saves and restores its position on the correct monitor.

  4. Fix. A problem validating logs containing lower-case cart numbers has been corrected.

  5. Fix. The pop-up menu associated with log editing no longer allows users to attempt to copy a spot record when the log is newly-created and has no valid records to copy.

Version - 08/07/2009

  1. Enhancement. This version of ezEdit introduces an all-new Preferences dialog. The preferences area has been completely redesigned, featuring a more logical organization of settings that is easier to use and understand. Some additional properties have been introduced, including control over application event logging detail and maximum size.

  2. Enhancement. A default station can now be assigned. When a default station is assigned, it is selected when a log, audit report or log reconcile window is initially displayed.

  3. Enhancement. When importing cart categories (cart masks), the imported categories can now be optionally appended to the existing categories.

  4. Enhancement. The Open Log dialog has been updated for better performance when working with a station with a large number of available files.

Version - 03/23/2009

  1. Enhancement. Inventory information is now automatically refreshed when a log's associated inventory file changes. This ensures the user is always working with the most current available inventory information. Previously, the inventory data was loaded when a log was opened and not updated until another log was opened.

  2. Enhancement. Handling of malformed logs has been improved. Specifically, it has been observed that traffic logs produced by Wide Orbit occasionally contain invalid records, both under-sized and over-sized as a result of incorrect padding of the log record. If invalid log records cannot be handled, a message is displayed and the user can optionally view the log records that could not be processed.

  3. Enhancement. The ezEdit main status bar has been updated with better-quality graphics and better visual appearance.

  4. Fix. If a user minimized ezEdit and either rebooted the PC or logged out, the next time time ezEdit was launched, it would either show up on the task bar (minimized) or disappear altogether. In reality, the program was running, but the user could not see it. Now, ezEdit will not restore itself to a minimized state on startup.

  5. Fix. Additional checks are now made when loading an inventory data file to better deal with errors in opening or reading the data file.

  6. Fix. When previewing a printed inventory report on-screen, context help would be inadvertently triggered if the user used [Right-Click] to reduce the size of the previewed information. Context help is now suppressed in the print preview displays.

  7. Fix. ezEdit would not launch on operating systems older than Windows 2000. This included Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT4. The problem was introduced in version 2.4.5 and has been resolved.

Version - 10/04/2008

  1. Enhancement. A number of dialogs have been updated to be more visually consistent in the XP and Vista operating systems. Included are the registration, machine ID, password and about ezEdit dialogs.

  2. Fix. If a user manually edited the ezEdit preferences file and changed a station number to a single-digit value or a value of more than 2 digits, ezEdit would not correctly find an audit file for a given station date. This scenario is now correctly handled, although manual entries of more than 2 digits are truncated to the first two characters.

  3. Fix. When appending an item to a log and the last item on the log had a time of 23:59, ezEdit would allow an attempt to add a log record that requires a log time one minute later than the last item, creating an invalid log time of 24:00. Now, only items that can be appended to the log after 23:59 are allowed. These items are spot (cart) records and open avails.

  4. Fix. If a user-defined log type was entered in dialogs that contain a log type, the manually-entered log type was not being limited to the 4-character maximum. Now, a user's manual entry is truncated to 4 characters if it is longer than is allowed.

  5. Fix. A Play Cart Directive's product code and customer number information is now properly displayed on the log, if present in the log record.

  6. Fix. If the host PC has more than 2GB RAM installed, the reported amount of available RAM was incorrect. On PC's running Windows 2000, XP and Vista, the correct amount of RAM is now displayed.

  7. Fix. When previewing a printed report on-screen, context help would be inadvertently triggered if the user used [Right-Click] to reduce the size of the previewed information. Context help is now suppressed in the print preview displays.

For information on less-recent changes and enhancements, see the Revision History.