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XStudio Voice Tracker Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application.

Version - 07/13/2016

  1. Enhancement. A floating clock display has been added. The clock is configurable for size, location and color scheme.

  2. Enhancement. Importing of music data has be revised to include more information. Depending on the music scheduling system you are exporting your library from, XStudio Voice Tracker now imports song run time (length), category, intro, ending, album, and release year. Note that some library exports do not include all of this new information and when not present in the source data, XStudio Voice Tracker will leave the affected field blank.

  3. Enhancement. A new music export template for MusicMaster has been introduced. This template adds the fields Album and Year (typically Peak Year or Release Year) to the exported data. A sample template is included in the XStudio Voice Tracker installation. This new export structure can be constructed and used with other music scheduling systems as well.

  4. Enhancement. Previously, if the audio engine was not running when XStudio Voice Tracker launched and XStudio Voice Tracker could not start the engine, the list of available audio devices for playback and recording would be empty until XStudio Voice Tracker was restarted once the audio engine was running. Now, if the audio engine is later started, XStudio Voice Tracker will update the device list, eliminating the need to restart XStudio Voice Tracker to populate the device lists.

  5. Enhancement. XStudio Voice Tracker now detects Windows 10 and adjusts its display accordingly.

  6. Fix. The Open Log dialog has been updated to ensure the "Busy" display doesn't disappear behind the main dialog when scanning for available log files.

Version - 08/11/2014

  1. Enhancement. Users can now define non-audio log element display colors. Individual text and background color combinations for Directives, Log Notes and Program Titles can be set in the new User Interface section of Preferences.

  2. Enhancement. The XStudio Voice Tracker installation now includes a ready-made music export template for the Windows version of MusicMaster.

  3. Enhancement. The XStudio Voice Tracker manual, supplied in PDF format, has been optimized for duplex printing.

  4. Enhancement. XStudio Voice Tracker now detects Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2 operating systems and adjusts its display accordingly.

  5. Fix. Under certain circumstances, XStudio Voice Tracker would not detect the audio engine running in console mode in Windows 7.

  6. Fix. File dialogs in the Preferences area now display on the correct monitor in multi-monitor environments.


For information on less-recent changes and enhancements, see the Revision History.