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ezSuite Release Notes

Release notes include changes, enhancements and corrections by date and version number of the application. For information on less-recent changes and enhancements, see the Revision History.


  1. Enhancement. Multi-day audit reports can now optionally be saved as daily files, one for each day included in the report.

Version - 04/26/2016

  1. Enhancement. The log edit dialog now presents an error message if an attempt to load a log is made and the log file is locked by another application or otherwise cannot be opened by ezSuite.

  2. Enhancement. ezSuite now detects Windows 10 and adjusts its display accordingly.

  3. Fix. Corrected log validation error dialog typo.

Version - 06/08/2015

  1. Enhancement. Station configuration information can now be exported and imported in Preferences. Exported station information can be used by ezAudit, ezEdit and XStudio with minor adjustments after importing the information into one of of these applications.

  2. Enhancement. Minor changes have been made to some dialogs to improve text readability in some operating systems, most notably Windows Server 2003.

  3. Change. A new property, Force Time-stamp Update, has been added in the Miscellaneous Settings page of Preferences. When enabled, ezSuite will manually update a log file's time stamp after saving the log. Prior to this version of ezSuite, the default behavior was to always manually update the time stamp. Now, ezSuite will not manually update the time stamp as a default as this action will produce undesirable results if the target folder for the log is located on another PC running with different time zone settings. The manual time stamp update was originally implemented for users saving logs to a Novell Netware server that did not have long file name support enabled. If you are using ezSuite in such an environment, enable this property to return to ezSuite's original behavior.

  4. Fix. When displaying the log or audit report selection dialog, the Scanning Files information panel would very occasionally get hidden behind the selection dialog as ezSuite was scanning for available files.
For information on less-recent changes and enhancements, see the Revision History.