Latest NewsdcsTools Updates Secure On-Line Ordering

Eden Prairie, MN, February 24, 2014 has updated secure on-line purchasing for all software products. Customers can order products with a credit card using the currency of their choice.

BuyNow ExampleOne Click to Order

All dcsTools products can be ordered with one mouse-click using BuyNow! buttons on each of the product pages. Customers are taken directly to the order page, where order quantity, payment type and information required to complete the order are collected. On completing the purchase, a confirming email is sent to the customer, providing immediate feedback on the purchase.

You can also purchase several products at once, using our store page . All products are listed with an "Add to Cart" button for each. When you have completed product selection, you can review your shopping cart and proceed through the normal order process.

Fastspring Provides e-Commerce Back-end

Fastspring, based in Santa Barbara, CA, provides the secure back-end processing of credit card transactions and other order-related tasks. Fastspring is known among digital content publishers for its good customer service and support.

Credit cards accepted by Fastspring

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